Italy Symposium (April 8-11, 2013)

The final symposium of the pilot phase of the project took place in Cosenza, Italy from April 8th-11th, 2014. This partner meeting took place after the completion of the implementation phase of the project so the focus of the symposium was to evaluate the implementation phase and project as a whole.

To assist in this evaluation, the external evaluator for the project, Dr. Kiran Sarma NUIG, travelled with the partner group to Italy to conduct a series of face-to-face interviews with each partner to determine the success and lessons learned of the project. These evaluation interviews, combined with previous symposium and learning diary evaluation report, were compiled by Dr. Kiran Sarma to form the overall project evaluation report.

In addition to these face-to-face interviews project coordinator, Simon Purdue Engineers Ireland, guided the group through a comprehensive evaluation of the project from start to finish. Each partner was encouraged to present their views on the different aspects of the project that worked well and didn’t work well for their institution. This evaluation session produced an interesting group discussion on how other VET institutions would be able to introduce the BESTVET Total Development System into their institutions. This group discussion, in tandem with the overall project evaluation report, formed the basis for ‘Process Map and Guide’ document that will be the main output of the project.

The project partners collaborated via email and video conference in the weeks after the symposium to produce the final ‘Process Map and Guide’ document and supporting materials which are now available via the BESTVET website in English, Spanish, Portuguese and Italian.