Supporting Documents (English Version)

Reference of Supporting Material

Section 1: Mentoring Pilot Stage

1.1 Mentoring Theory – Page 6

1.1(a)            Bond, Austin 1999,’Promoting high achievement and low attrition in education and training’, NCVER, Australia

1.1(b)            Eleyan, Dr. Derar & Eleyan, Amna, ‘Coaching, Tutoring and Mentoring in the Higher Education as a solution to retain students in their major and help them achieve success’, Faculty of Information Technology, BirZeit University, Palestine

1.1(c)             Harney, Aidan ‘Successful Mentoring – four key factors’, Engineers Ireland Journal, January/February 2012

1.1(d)            Rabatin et al, ‘A Year of Mentoring in Academic Medicine’

1.2 Mentoring Models
- Page 6

1.2(a)            Learning Styles Questionnaire

1.2(b)            Using knowledge of ‘Learning Styles’ to optimise Mentoring

1.2(c)             4 ‘O’ Model

1.2(d)            The Personal Transition Curve – the Importance of Mentoring

1.2(e)             Active Listening

1.2(f)             Questioning skills

1.2(g)            Giving praise and feedback

1.3 Mentoring Exercises – Page 8

1.3(a):           Martin Scorsese Mentoring Story
1.3(b):           Mentoring Scenario 1
1.3(c):           Mentoring Scenario 2

1.4 Planning your Mentoring Pilot Stage – Page 9

1.4(a)            Mentoring Pilot Stage Plan 

Section 2: Learning Contracts Pilot Stage

2.1 Learning Outcomes Theory – Page 10

2.1 (a)   Anderson et al, 1998, ‘Qualities of Learning Contracts’, The Higher Education Academy, London

2.1(b)    Garavan, Thomas N, & Sweeney, Patrick 1994, ‘Supervisory Training and Development – The Use of Learning Contracts’, MCB University, Arizona

2.3 Writing Learning Outcomes – Page 11

2.3(a)    Blooms Taxonomy with Action Verbs

2.4 Learning Contract Templates – Page 11

2.4(a)    Engineers Ireland Learning Contract Template
2.4(b)    Sample Completed Learning Contract
2.4(c)    Tips on how to complete a Learning Contract (student)
2.4(d)    Inovinter – Learning Contract
2.4(e)    LMETB – Learning Contract
2.4(f)     CECE – Learning Contract
2.4(g)    Euroform RFS – Learning Contract
2.4(h)    Norton Radstock College – Learning Contract

Section 3: Learning Management Systems Pilot Stage

 3.3 MyBrainshark & TED- ED Video Lessons

3.3(a)    MyBrainshark Tutorial: Page 14
3.3(b)    TED-ED Videos – Page 14
3.3(c)    MyBrainshark/TED-ED Crossover – Page 15

Section 4: The Implementation Phase

4.1 Planning for the Implementation Phase– Page 16

4.1(a)    Planning Document